7 Points You should know about InnoRobo

7 Points You should know about InnoRobo

May 3, 2016 @ 21:09 |

Innorobo is an mega event that consist of robotic conference, workshops, exhibition and robot competition. Innorobo is the annual meeting place for the robotics community and other industries. Innorobo presents the state of the art of the robotics field to a diverse range of markets through an exhibition illustrating the wide variety of robotics technologies on offer, conferences with renowned experts and a number of workshops in order to foster cross-industry innovation and demonstrate to players in multiple sectors new opportunities for growth and diversification.

Let’s have look of some points about InnoRobo:

  1. InnoRobo launched in 2011 by Syrobo, French union of service robotics.  But in 2012, Syrobo not wishing to carry the financial risks of the organization for this event. The new company InnoEcho was created by Catherine Simon to organize InnoRobo. InnoEcho organizes InnoRobo since 2012, along with consulting and business development activities for robotic companies.
  2. InnoRobo is the only event in Europe 100% dedicated to robotics! InnoRobo 2016 is the 6th event in the series of InnoRobo. InnoRobo 2016 is hosted by Paris, France on 24 May to 26 May 2016.
  3. InnoroboInnorobo 2016 is adding inside 3D Printing, a showroom and program of conferences on 3D printing, a disruptive technology that is helping to transform industry and upending the business models of many sectors of activity.
  4. InnoRobo is a mega event comprising Conference, Exhibition, Robot Challenge, Startup call and decision makers summits. InnoRobo showcases technological innovations that offer solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges.
  5. The 6 emblematic focus areas, major fields of robotics applications, will once again be showcased:
    • Smart Cities
    • Smart Homes
    • Industry 4.0 and services to industry
    • Field Robotics
    • Medical & Healthcare Robotics
    • Technologies & ForesightInnoRobo
  6. In Innorobo 2015, 200 International and national exhibitors came from 20 nations. 10,000 visitors in 3 days of event.InnoRobo
  7. In Innorobo 2015, the showcase of Robotics industries shared maximum 27% by Field Robotics and 22% by Factories of the Future.innoRobo


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