IROS – International Conference on Intelligence Robotics and System

Birth Year Frequency ERA Ranking Qualis Ranking
1988 Aunaul A (2010) A1 (2012)

Established since 1988, the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) annually provides an international forum for world-wide robotics community to explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and smart machines, and to stimulate innovative ideas, exchange technological perspectives and assess future directions in the field of intelligent robots and smart machines with a view to promote progress and prosperity for all nations. In addition to technical sessions and multi-media presentations, IROS conferences also hold panel discussions, workshops, tutorials, exhibits and technical tours to enhance technical communications among the attendees.

The IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, one of the major international conferences in robotics and intelligent systems, is co-sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES), the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ), the Society of Instruments and Control Engineers (SICE) and the New Technology Foundation (NTF).

Glorious History of IROS

The year 1988 is considered as birth year of IROS and in the first 10 year (1988 to 1998) IROS was publishing around 300 papers with acceptance rate around 80 to 90 percent. But in 21st century Attendance of IROS increased very rapidly. For instance, the number of paper in 1996 was less than 400 but nearly four time in 2005 and there was significant broadening of the geographical, international, and institutional distribution of attendees.

IROS Record Chart (Image:

IROS: World’s Second Best Robotic Conference

The IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) is one of the largest and most impacting robotics research conferences worldwide.

According to the Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA) and Brazilian ministry of education (Qualis) IROS is one of the premier conferences of robotics field (alongside ICRA, International Conference on Robotics and Automation) with an ‘A’ rating from the ERA obtained in 2010 and an ‘A1’ rating from the Qualis in 2012.

The Conference ranking published by the Brazilian ministry of education uses H-index as performance measure for conferences. Based on the H-index percentiles, the conferences are grouped into performance classes that range from A1 (=best), A2, B1, …, B5 (=worst). On the other hand ERA have little bit different grouping system but based on H-index only. The ERA conference ranking ranges from A (=best) to C (=worst).


The ranking looks quite OK and seems to be mostly consistent but you may disagree with two or three conference’s ranking. This is most likely due to the ranking method, H-index based only and it makes a sense also. Out of the list of conferences in chart some conferences discontinued or renamed or merged with the other conferences.

IROS Awards:

  • IROS Harashima Award for Innovative Technologies
  • IROS Toshio Fukuda Young Professional Award
  • IROS Distinguished Service Award

IROS Conference Awards:

  • IROS JTCF Novel Technology Paper Award for Amusement Culture
  • IROS RoboCup Best Paper Award
  • IROS KROS Best Paper Award on Cognitive Robotics
  • IROS Best Paper Award on Safety, Security, and Recue Robotics in memory of Motohiro Kisoi
  • IROS ICROS Best Application Paper Award
  • IROS 20xx ABB Best Student Paper Award
  • IROS 20xx Best Paper Award

IROS Competitions:

  • Humanoid Robot Application Challenge
  • Autonomous Drone Racing Challenge: To promote solutions for agile autonomous flight of drones in daring environments
  • Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition

IROS Forums:

  • Special Forum : To explore the impact of AI and Deep Learning methods in robotics
  • Government Forum: 
    • In this forum, the government of each county (or region) introduces major robotics R &D and education programs supported by the government. Policy makers, national project leaders and researchers in robotics R&D program around the world come together and discuss how to make the robotics R&D program have an impact on the existing and emerging industries in robotics. As well as dealing with the major robotics R&D program of US, EU, Asia, Oceania and so on, this forum tries to find out key issues in the government programs and to discover real success stories saying that the government support program has been greatly contributive in robotics R&D and education. 
  • Futurist Forum
  • Industry Forum
  • Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Autonomous Technologies Forum

IROS Conferences:

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