DASH – A Robotic Shopping Cart

DASH – A Robotic Shopping Cart

Jul 2, 2016 @ 22:21 | Five Elements Robotics | 

Next time you may shop with a robotic cart in a shopping mall. No need to hold your shopping cart in your hand and search items in big malls. DASH – a robotic shopping cart by Five Elements Robotics will do all this for you. Five Elements Robotics want to change the experience of shopping and revolutionize the Human Robot Relationship through robotic shopping cart – DASH.

DASH has following features to help you:

  1. Transfer or create your shopping list: You can transfer shopping list from your phone or use the display’s search and find interface to create your shopping list.
  2. Plan your shopping trip: DASH maps out the most effective route through the store and leads the customer to their items
  3. Automatic Scanning of Items at the Cart: Items are scanned as they are placed in the cart; no need to waste extra time at billing counter to scan the items.
  4. Point of Purchase checkout at the Cart: No need to stand in queue for billing (the biggest problem in a shopping mall especially on weekends), you can use credit cart, Apple pay and Google wallet at cart only.
  5. Targeted Advertisements on Cart’s Display: Robotic cart doesn’t give comfort to customer only but also beneficial for business man to show the targeted advertisements to the costumer. DASH gathers data about each customer’s historical buying habits then displays targeted advertisements for each customer.
  6. Follow customer to car after purchase: DASH will follow you till your car in parking.
  7. Automatic return to docking station: No need to bring it back in cart shelter, it can automatically return to docking station and recharge.

The Company presented it’s fisrt prototype of robotic shopping cart in May 2016. The manufacturing and production of DASH is planned in early 2017. The time line of DASH development is shown in fig.


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Image: Five Elements Robotics


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