Robot 3D: National Geographic presents Robot Show

Robot 3D: National Geographic presents Robot Show

National Geographic is starting a 40 minute robot show, ROBOT 3D from July 17 to Oct 19 2015.

The ROBOT 3D is now playing in theaters in museums, science centers, and cultural institutions worldwide. The main focus of this show is Humanoid robots. National Geographic also provides the educational materials related to ROBOT 3D. Extend the learning with hands-on STEM activities, from building circuits to exploring motors and sensors. Visit theater map to find a theater near you.

Robot 3D
Robot 3D show map
  • Showing July 17 – October 29, 2015
  • Mon-Sat 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
  • Sun 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
  • Fri 9pm
  • Run time: 40 minutes

Today’s robots are nothing short of astonishing. Those coming in the not-too-distant future are simply revolutionary—and they are becoming eerily like us.

What does it take to make a humanoid robot—a robot that can do anything we can do without the benefit of a human brain? How close are scientists to replicating some of the particularly challenging human characteristics? (Think fingers and toes.)

Why are we even attempting to create humanoids in the first place? ROBOTS 3D answers these questions and more as it showcases the latest developments—the successes and failures—of robotics around the world. ROBOTS 3D is a fascinating and fun look at what makes us human, how far machines can really go to look and act like us, and how humanoids are already changing our world.

ROBOTS 3D is a sneak peek into the future at what might be possible as scientists use innovative engineering and design to make cyber characters less “humanoid” and more just plain human. Robot “actor” RoboThespian will introduce you to CHIMP, ATLAS, PR-2, Herb the Butler, ICUB, and others as he takes you on an amazing tour of what’s going on in robotics labs around the world.

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Image: National Geographic                                 Source: National Geographic

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