Weekly Robotics Video: Innorobo 2015 Expo, Inflatable Robots, Ultra-Efficient Humanoid Robot, Surgical Robots at IIT, Robot Wedding and Many More

Weekly Robotics Video: Innorobo 2015 Expo, Inflatable Robots, Ultra-Efficient Humanoid Robot, Surgical Robots at IIT, Robot Wedding and Many More

New Robotics video of this week contians Innorobo 2015 exhibition, Tested interviews with THOR, IHMC and SRI teams,  Inflatable Robots, Robot wedding in Japan,  Realistic Robot Arm: the Modular Prosthetic Limb, Surgical robotics research, 3D animated model of construction robot and a talk by prof Josh Bongard.

Innorobo 2015, France: A 100% robotics dedicated event in Europe completed on 3rd of this month. Hundreds of exhibitors came from all over the world to show their innovative Robotics products. Here is a series 14 short videos showing Innorobo expo in a glance. (Published: 2nd July 2015)

Meet the Inflatable Robots of Pneubotics!

The inflatable robot of Big Hero 6 was based on real soft robotics research, like the ones being experimented with at startup Pneubotics. Tested chat with Pneubotics CEO Kevin Albert to learn how robots can be designed and built with lightweight and flexible skins that have impressive dexterity and structural strength. (Published: 30th June 2015)

Designing an Ultra-Efficient Humanoid Robot

Bipedal robots expend a lot of energy standing up and walking, but new humanoid architectures hope to be 20 to 30 times as efficient. Tested chat with robotics professor Aaron Ames about how his team at SRI International has designed a walking system that maximizes battery efficiency, allowing a robot to walk on a treadmill for hours while using less than 400 watts of power. (Published on 3 Jul 2015)

Surgical robotics research at the IIT’s Biomedical Robotics Laboratory

The video presents a summary of research activities related to surgical robotics being conducted at the IIT’s Biomedical Robotics Laboratory. A large part of our work is related to robotic systems for microsurgery, so the video starts with an overview of the area followed by a description of current challenges and limitations. It then presents the µRALP European Project, which was dedicated to the creation of novel tools and robotic systems for robot-assisted endoscopic laser phonomicrosurgeries. The µRALP project was coordinated by IIT. Technologies created in the context of this project are presented, including the final cadaver trial with the developed µRALP Surgical System prototype. (Published on 3 Jul 2015)

First ever robot wedding in Japan

Japanese robots Frois and Yukirin officially tied the knot in Tokyo, Saturday, at Japan’s first ever robot wedding. (Published on 28 Jun 2015)

Realistic Robot Arm: Meet the Modular Prosthetic Limb!

This realistic robot arm and hand was one of the coolest things we saw at the DARPA Robotics Challenge event–it’s a technology that’s already being field tested on patients. Tested chat with Michael McLoughlin, Chief Engineer at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to learn more about the challenges of building a modular prosthetic limb that has the same dexterity as a human hand, and its potential applications. (Published on 28 Jun 2015)

My journey to become a robotics professor — Josh Bongard

A presentation given to students of the Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education in Odense, Denmark, in May, 2015. (Published on 2 Jul 2015)

DRC: Interaction with Team THOR

THOR (Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot) was one of the humanoid robots we met at the DARPA Robotics Challenge, designed and built by students at UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania. Tested chat with Steve McGill of Team THOR to learn about the disaster relief scenario and how teams direct their robots in each part of the obstacle course. (Published on 1 Jul 2015)

DRC: Interaction with Team IHMC

The DARPA Robotics Challenge challenged teams with designing and teaching robots to complete an obstacle course simulating a disaster relief scenario–a task more difficult than it sounds. Tested chat with Doug Steven of the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition to learn how the IHMC team has programmed a Boston Dynamics Atlas robot to tackle the competition. (Published on 27 Jun 2015)

Fastbrick Robotics Animation

Fastbrick Robotics made a 3D model animation to show the new concept of robot use in house construction. It’s just an idea for future building of houses and they modeled it in CAD software. (Published on 29 Jun 2015)

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