Weekly Video: ROSCon 2016 Videos, Swarm Robots

Weekly Video: ROSCon 2016 Videos, Swarm Robots

Oct 23, 2016 @ 18:40 |

ROSCon 2016 held at Seoul  in second week of October and the videos of keynotes and presentations are available online now.

ROSCon 2016 Seoul Day 1: Introducing H ROS the Hardware Robot Operating System

ROSCon 2016 Seoul Day 1: The robot blockly package programming ROS with blocks

See all ROSCon 2016 videos here

Warthog UGV – Outdoor Research Robot

Warthog is a large all-terrain unmanned ground vehicle capable of traveling on land and in water. Warthog can be customized with sensors, manipulators and other payloads to accommodate a wide variety of robotics applications in mining, agriculture and environmental monitoring.

MARS – Mobile Agricultural Robot Swarms

With the MARS research project, AGCO/Fendt has developed small robot units which, with the assistance of a cloud-based solution, can be controlled independent of location during sowing operations. Sowing operations can be planned and monitored at any time using the MARS app. The exact placement of each individual seed can be documented and saved in the cloud.

Can A Thousand Tiny Swarming Robots Outsmart Nature?


A debate-watching robot learned Trump’s emotional self: sad!

Goldsmiths Research: would you have sex with a robot?

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