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ROBOTGLOBEROBOTGLOBE makes robotics research fast and simple by providing precise and meaningful information of robotics world in a very compact form under one roof. We give all information that a Roboticist need starting from basic learning to innovation.

In this century, there are two main focus areas of science and technology; first one is the exploring the Universe and second one is the Helping humans through scientific innovation specially for needy people in medical area.

The World is already showing keen interest in exploring the Universe as USA landed a Robot on Mars and India launched the Mars orbital to explore the mars planet and many more countries are coming.The robots are going to help us like anything in exploring the universe because  robot can reach those parts of universe where human even cannot survive. In medical the robot assisted treatment is already started. The Micro and Nano robots will change the medical world. In Defense, every country wants robot army to save the soldier life.

So the punch line is that “the Robots are our future helping humans”. That is why now a days everyone, starting from a common man to a top class scientist, is interested in robotics .Now if you are interested in robotics first question comes in your mind is “where I can get information about robots and robotics world? ” And you start searching on virtual world of information (internet) and invest lots of time and energy to find out correct, precise and meaningful information. How would you feel if you  get all the robotics information on a single place ? Sounds good? Fine enough!  ROBOTGLOBE is that place where you will get correct and meaningful information in short time. So why waste time, let’s go.

ROBOTGLOBE provides robotics under one roof and answer of following questions..

What is happening in the robotics world ?
What are the institutes provide education and research in filed of robotics ?
How can anyone learn about robotics online and from where ?
What are the top publications and conferences in robotics ?
Where we can purchase the robots and robotics parts online like sensors, motors, controllers, design software, ICs, etc ?
What are the companies working on robotics and what are the robotics system available ?
What are the robotics society, open source, competitions ?

ROBOTGLOBE gives the answer of all your questions related to robotics.  A student can learn from robotics massive online courses provided by world best institutes and instructors. Students can get the information about the robotics institutes all over the world. A researcher can get all the cutting edge information from the publication, conferences and research centers. An Innovator can get all the information about the robotics subsystems and recent robots.