Automated Valets Have Arrived At Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport To Park Your Cars!

Automated Valets Have Arrived At Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport To Park Your Cars!

May 24, 2017 @ 19:51 |

France’s first automated valet robot service has now been introduced at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. No more wasting time finding a parking space. Stan, the valet robot, will do it for you!

Gone are the wasted minutes spent finding a free space, doing complicated parking manoeuvres and carrying bags all the way through the car park to get to the terminal. We’ve thought of everything to make things easier for the user.

valet robot

How does it work?

  • Drop off your car close to the terminals. A well-lit and spacious garage is waiting for you. Getting out your bags is easy as pie. Lock your car and take the key – the service doesn’t need it.
  • Once your car is ready, you just have to confirm your booking on the terminal by the door.
  • Stan, the valet robot then comes to collect your vehicle and take it to a secure car park.
  • The system is connected to your flight details, so your vehicle will be in the garage and ready to leave when you get back from your trip. Which means you won’t have to go looking for it.

valet robot

Who is Stan, the valet robot?

Stan the valet robot was designed and developed by Stanley Robotics to revolutionize car parks. For two years, the startup’s team of engineers has been designing this robot that is able to park cars completely automatically.

This 100% electronic technology can be adapted to all types of vehicles and used in all situations. This system gives car park users a nice, quick and easy experience. And for car park managers, parking cars closer together means the robot increases car park capacities by up to 50%, without changing existing infrastructure.

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  • Source: Stanley Robotics
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