Robotics Challenges


  1. DARPA GRAND CHALLENGES                      2015
  2. ​AUVSI Foundation’s Intelligent round Vehicle Competition (IGVC)
  3. ​European Land Robot Trial
  4. ​NASA Centennial Challenges
  5. ​International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge
  6. ​World Robotics Olympiad
  7. RoboRAVE International
  8. RoboGames
  9. ​Best Robotics
  10. ​International METU Robotics Days
  11. ​IEEE Micromouse competition
  12. ​The VEX Robotics Competition​
  13. FIRST competition
  14. ​Robocup
  15. Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory competition
  16. Annual fire-fighting home robot contest
  17. RoboFest
  18. Collegiate Robofest
  19. Defcon Robot Competition
  20. EuroBot
  21. AUVSI Foundation and ONR’s RoboSub Competition
  22. Marine Advanced Technology Education Center Competition
  23. Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge-Europe
  24. AUVSI Foundation and ONR’s RoboBoat Competition
  25. ​Maritime RobotX Challenge
  26. AUVSI Foundation’s International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC)
  27. ​AUVSI Foundation’s Student Unmanned Air System (SUAS) Competition
  28. UAV Outback Challenge


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