Robotics Societies

  1. Asian Robotics Society Union
  2. Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
  3. Australian Robotics and Automation Association
  5. EURON
  6. Human robot interaction community
  7. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
  8. Indian Underwater Robotics Society (IURS)
  9. International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)
  10. International Federation of Robotics
  11. International foundation of Robotics research
  12. International Neural Network Society (INNS)
  13. Korea Robotics Society
  14. RoboNED
  15. Robotic Open Platform (ROP)
  16. Robotics Society of India
  17. Robotics Society of Japan
  18. Robotics Society of Singapore
  19. San Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA)

arsu Asian Robotics Society Union Asia

Asian Robotics Society Union is a group of Australia, New Zealand and Asian robotics societies. The society is more dedicated towards the future  research and development of robots in Asian countries. 

a3 Association for Advancing Automation (A3) USA

A3 is the umbrella association for three organizations serving unique automation industries: Robotic Industry Association (RIA), Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) and Global Association for Vision Information (AIA).

araa Australian Robotics and Automation Association Australia

clawar-logo CLAWAR                                                    UK


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