Like humans have eyes and ears to see what is happening around them, sensors are ears and eyes of robots. Intelligent robots needs lots of sensor to to execute a proper operation. In robotics mainly sensors  are required to answer following questions to robot:

1. Where am I?: Robot should know his/her Geo position, health status etc to perform proper operation.

2.What is around me?: Robot should know operating environment to take proper decisions.

Lots of sensors used in robots as given below. You will find the detail of commonly used sensors in robotics and their manufacturer. It will help you to find out the best sensors for your robotic applications.

Sensors: 2D LiDAR, 3D LiDAR, Monocular Camera, Stereo Camera, Thermal Camera, Radar, GPS, IMU, Force sensor, Ultrasonic, IR Sensor, NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) sensor, Sonar.

1. 2D LiDAR



sick-logo hokoyu_logo
SICK, Germany (Recommended by Robot Globe) Hokuyo, Japan (Recommended by Robot Globe)

2. 3D LiDAR3d-lidar_family

velodyne-lidar-logo ocular-robotics
Velodyne Lidar, USA (Recommended by Robot Globe) Ocular Robotics, Australia


3. Mono and Stereo Camera


omnivision pointgray-logo
allied-vision-logo axis_logo
basler-logo stereo-labs-logo
BASLER, Germany



  1. Acuity technologies
  2.   Advanced scientific concepts
  3.   Allied Vision
  4.   Altus
  5.   Applanix
  6.   Aquabotix
  7.   Avago technologies
  8.   Axis Communications
  9.   Basler
  10.   CH robotics
  11.   David vision system
  12.   Draganfly
  13.   DUO
  14.   EPSON
  15.   FLIR 
  16.   GILL
  17.   Hokuyo
  18.   keysight technologies
  19.   LeddarTech
  20.   Loke
  21.   MaxBotix
  22.   MicroPilot
  23.   MicroStrain
  24.   Netzer
  25.   NovAtel
  26.   Oxford Technical Solutions
  27.   Pelco
  28.   Phidgets
  29.   Pulsed light
  30.   Renishaw
  31.   Riegl
  32.   Robo peak
  33.   SBG-systems
  34.   Senix
  35.   Sick
  36.   Sidewinder
  37.   Silicon designs
  38.   Spectracom
  39.   Systron Donner Inertial
  40.   Teledyne-cdl
  41.   Trimble
  42.   Vectornav
  43.   Velodyne lidar
  44.   Zettlex


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