Facebook Opens New Artificial Intelligence Lab

Facebook Opens New Artificial Intelligence Lab

In the mission of making best Artificial Intelligence labs around the globe, today Facebook has created a new research laboratory with the ambitious, long-term goal of bringing about major advances in Artificial Intelligence. The new AI lab has opened in the Paris. Facebook is to expand its artificial intelligence research, opening its first lab outside the US.

Research at the lab covers the full spectrum of topics related to AI, and to deriving knowledge from data: theory, algorithms, applications, software infrastructure and hardware infrastructure.

Facebook AI researchers are expected to contribute to the research community through publications, open source software, participation in technical conferences and workshops, and through collaborations with colleagues in academia.

Facebook announced Yann LeCun, a renowned French professor at New York University specialised in “deep learning” algorithms, The Director of the AI lab.

Facebook’s AI Group already has research facilities at its Menlo Park headquarters in California, and in New York City.

Internet rival Google is also determinedly pursuing AI. Last year it began an AI partnership with Oxford University in Britain.

The only other European labs to rival the French one are in Britain, where Facebook had initially thought about setting up an AI research facility.

We chose Paris for the concentration of talent it has in terms of computing and artificial intelligence,” said Mike Shroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer.

Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schorepfer said the threat of AI had been “overblown” in recent months.

Yann LeCun, who heads up Facebook’s AI research, added that “we have nothing to worry about” in the near future.

“We have a long way to go to make machines as intelligent as we’d like them to be, and there are technical hurdles that we don’t yet know how to solve,” he told the BBC.

“Human-level AI is very far down the line – it will be several decades.” That gave the AI community and industry plenty of time “to talk about the ethics”, he added.

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