Henn–na Hotel Japan, World’s First Hotel Run by Robots

Henn–na Hotel Japan, World’s First Hotel Run by Robots

Incorporating advanced technology, Henn–na Hotel is the first robotic hotel of its kind in the world. From check in to check out, this hotel is totally run by robots. Hotel’s advanced technologies, introduced with the aim of maximizing efficiency, also add to the fun and comfort of your stay.

Henn–na hotel
Robotic Arm at Locker

At entrance wing, there are several robots ready to welcome their guest. First one is a robotic arm that take care of your bags and it stores bags safely into lockers. This is a pay locker exclusively for guests staying at the hotel. You can use it to store your bags before check-in or after check-out. Here, your bags will be taken by a robotic arm. Simply place your bag in the “Baggage Handling Door” (50cm × 30cm) and the robotic arm will automatically store it in a locker for you.

At the front desk, you will be greeted by 3 friendly robots who will handle the check-in and check-out process for you.

A robot will help you transport your bags to your room (only available in A Wing).

Henn–na hotel

A Smart Kiosk (Vending Machine), drinks and light snacks (bread, sweets) are available for purchase.

Let us see these robot into action:

Image: Henn-Ha hotel

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