Innorobo 2015: France is Ready to Host Robotics Mega Event

Innorobo 2015: France is Ready to Host Robotics Mega Event

Lyno, France is hosting Innorobo 2015 – an event in Europe 100% dedicated to robotics.

Innorobo is an mega event that consist of robotic conference, workshops, exhibition and robot competition. Innorobo is the annual meeting place for the robotics community and other industries.

Innorobo exhibits and demonstrates the latest innovations in robotics products, as well as tomorrow’s technologies, from all over the world. It is not just a robotics exhibition, but a welcoming place to exchange and meet among decision makers. Innovators from all over the world demonstrate robotic innovations and technologies that answer our major societal challenges and bring competitiveness. In Innorobo 2014, 140 exhibitors from 14 countries came to show their innovation and products.

innorobo factory


innorobo home
Innorobo: Robotics For Home,Field and factory at Exhibition (Image: Innorobo)

Innorobo, renowned as Europe’s only international event 100% dedicated to robotics and all disruptive innovations from around the world, showcases technological innovations that offer solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges. Innorobo is a robotic event that contains Exhibition, Conference, Robot competition and workshops.

It brings together a vast ecosystem of decision makers, from researchers to directors of large groups, to educational leaders, institutions, the media and start-ups. At Innorobo, leaders from all industries pick up on the latest innovations and turn them into market advantages and new growth opportunities.

ARSO 2015: “IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts” workshop will be held in conjunction with Innorobo. The technical program of ARSO 2015 will include a free one day visit of the exhibition and a half day technical session and a round table shared by ARSO and INNOROBO.

arso 2015

ARSO is a single track conference, aiming to provide world class researchers, engineers, investors, economists, and representatives of industry and government with a forum to discuss cutting-edge robotics technologies, business opportunities, and other impacts on human society. Topics range from traditional Robotics technologies, innovation, socio-economic aspects, but also psychological and philosophical aspects of Human Robot Interaction.

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