Meet MoRo – Your Future Robot Assistant

Meet MoRo – Your Future Robot Assistant

Jan 5, 2017 @ 19:54 | 

MoRo is a human-sized assistant robot, designed for academic research, education and domestic assistance

MoRo is a human-sized assistant robot developed by Ewaybot technology. It is designed for academic research and education, business activities as well as domestic assistance. MoRo is a 120cm height and 35 Kg in weight robot.  

MoRo comes with powerful capabilities of grasping and handling objects. It is equipped with two 6 joint arms with 70 cm spend for it. Under the support of a motion algorithm to adaptive grippers can easily grasp variety of objects from a bottle of water to piece of tissue paper. The height of both the arms is adjustable which further increases the workspace of MoRo. Under the support of great motion and perception algorithm, MoRo would use his powerful two arms to make your life so easy and relaxed.


With a combination of Intel realsense camera and 2-DOF head/neck, MoRo has 360 degree field of view with no blind spots.

MoRo understands the user’s voice. User can interact with the MoRo in natural language.

MoRo is a differential drive based wheeled robot. It can navigate indoor as well as outdoor environments with Differential drive base and ultrasound/infrared sensors.

MoRo is powered by Robot Operating System (ROS) on EwayOS. The system is specifically designed for stability and extensibility to enable high performance. EwayOS uses Linux kernel. Inside MoRO there is a high performance Intel CPU with powerful Nvidia GPU which supports path planning, SLAM, face recognition, object detection, voice detection.

Combining powerful arms, state of the art algorithms and EwayOS, MoRO can serve to robot developers and researchers as great robotic platform for robotic researches and education.  Those who are working human-robot interaction MoRo can be a test bed.

  • Keywords: MoRo, Humanoid, ROS, EwayOS, SLAM
  • Image: Ewaybot technology


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