Musio: Meet Your Artificial Intelligent Friend

Musio: Meet Your Artificial Intelligent Friend

Musio is an artificially intelligent (A.I.) robot designed to learn, adapt and grow with you. Great to simply hang out with or to assist with basic tasks, it can be also used as a learning tool for children.

The more you use Musio, the smarter it becomes. Like your real friend, it can hear you, understand you and know you. It is android based and has arduino compatible board.

Musio is the creation of AKA, the leading technology company in machine learning and natural language processing. Its international team of expert engineers, machine learing specialists, data scientists and natural language processing linguists have been developing Musio for several years.

AKA’s mission was to create an AI robot that can think on its own and create an interactive learning environment for people.

The dream has finally been realized, and as a contributor, you have the opportunity to participate in a new world of AI technology.


  1. Only knows English now.
  2. You need to know C++ and Java programming languages for programming Musio.
  3. Battery power: 11 to 13 hrs (rechargeable)
  4. Not water proof.

The world’s first artificial intelligent robot designed to engage and grow you.

About Technology:


Features of Musio
Features of Musio


musio specification
musio specification


musio brain
Musio Brain

Future advancements:

Integrating movement into Musio will be another focus for AKA, and dynamics experts are helping to incorporate motion into Musio.

AKA is also securing technologies via its Textual AI (Muse Editor) and Vision AI (Muse Gaze). Incorporating these technologies into Musio will be another progression. By implementing these technologies, AKA will be able to create a truly holistic AI robot.

AKA is using Musio to create an eco-system which consists of it’s Friends, which also have built-in AI and sensor-technologies. Your artificially intelligent friend Musio wants to develop with you. This eco-system will become possible not only with developers’ efforts but yours as well.

Image: AKA                       Explore further: Artificial Intelligent Robot                                        Source: AKA

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