Weekly Video: Robots for Safety, Grasping in VR, Sewing Robot

Weekly Video: Robots for Safety, Grasping in VR, Sewing Robot

Sep 25, 2016 @ 18:43 | 

Science of Safety – Portsmouth Robotics Demonstration

Two of DOE’s premier national labs – Savannah River and Sandia – provide technical leadership and coordination in addition to demonstrating some of their technologies. Two other world-class federal labs provided their technologies – NASA and JHU-APL, which is a university affiliated research center for the Department of Navy. Two non-profit organizations also, SwRI and OSRF demonstrated their technologies, and five universities provided their robotic technologies. Over a 4-day period, from August 22 through 25, they demonstrated 24 individual robotic technologies that were operated by about 30 USW/FBP workers. After the demos, 9 technologies were determined by the USW members to be near-ready for deployment with a few minor tweaks and a follow-up round of field demonstrations. 2 of the robotics have already begun to make design changes.

RI Seminar : Ashish Kapoor : Safe and Optimal Path Planning in Uncertain Skies

Achieving optimality while staying safe is one of the key problems that arise when planning under uncertainty. This talk is specifically focused on path planning for aerial vehicles, where the uncertainties arise due to unobserved winds and other air traffic.

Wolverine: A Wearable Haptic Interface for Grasping in Virtual Reality | Stanford SHAPE Lab

Sewing Robot: SEWBO, A Robot That Sews Could Take the Sweat Out of Sweatshops

A big part of the garment-making process is still done by hand. Now some clothing makers hope to end that.

Outdoor Terrain Mapping with ANYmal Quadruped robot

Navigation in rough terrain requires an understanding of the environment. This work demonstrates the mapping capabilities of the quadrupedal robot ANYmal outdoors in a forest. For accurate scanning, the robot carries two rotating laser range sensors in the front and the back. The mapping is based on the fusion of the pose estimation of the robot (through inertial and kinematic measurements) and the distance measurements of the laser scanners.

The results of this video have been published in: Fankhauser, M. Bloesch, C. Gehring, M. Hutter, and R. Siegwart, “Robot-Centric Elevation Mapping with Uncertainty Estimates,” in International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots (CLAWAR), 2014.

The software used in this video is available open-source:



UWB Tracker | AIT ETH

Omni-directional person tracking on a flying robot using occlusion-robust ultra-wideband signals.

The next manufacturing revolution is here | Olivier Scalabre | TED Talk

Univeral Robots help automate TCI NZ

TCI New Zealand opted for two of Universal Robots industrial robotic arms, the UR3 and UR5 Cobots, to perform labelling and assembly tasks, with technicians from Design Energy assisting in the initial programming of the robots so each of the Cobots was operating to TCI’s exact requirements.

ABB Robotics – TTH demo

ABB’s updated Flex TTH provides a flexible and modular table top hemming solution for the next generation automotive body shop. Working with ABB’s user-friendly advanced motion control, this solution improves hemming quality and increases body-in-white production cycle speed with a total lower cost of ownership.

Image: CMU 

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